Autism Integrated Care

Autism Integrated Care

In addition to assessing, diagnosing, and creating treatment plans for children with autism spectrum disorder, Action Menta Health’s Autism Integrated Care program also includes
Provides specialized care and treatment for kids with ASD.

Provides families and children with ASD information on the best current evidence-based treatment options for autism spectrum disorder.
Provides resources for families, primary care physicians, and community providers.

Food and nutrients nourish the brain!

At Action Mental Health, we may be able to assist children with autism in choosing the right diet to promote brain health and reduce obesity.

A nutritious, balanced eating plan can make a huge difference in the ability of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to learn, manage their emotions, and process information. Because children with ASD frequently avoid certain foods or have dietary restrictions, as well asdifficulty sitting through mealtimes, they may not be getting all of the nutrients they require.

Children with ASD may refuse food to eat, have feeding problems, and eat a significantly narrower range of foods. Therefore, poor eating habits can lead to a wide range of nutritional problems, which, in turn, can lead to problems ranging from health issues to attentional and behavioral problems.

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